Practice Management Software

Manage Your Workflow from start to finish is designed to be a complete support tool for providers to better serve, not only their practices; but their clients, as well.

Our streamlined software is accessible whenever and wherever you need it in 4 operational steps.

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Verify client's eligibility
  • Document the session with our templates
  • Create & Submit insurance claims just with a few clicks
Services We Offer

Providing the Necessary Supports - Customizable to Your Practice

Practice Management Software

Schedule one-time or recurring appointments, manage clinical work schedules with automated client appointment reminders

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Electronic Health Record

Keeps a secure document library, paperless client records and downloadable notes/files. Complete and organize your notes via specialty note types

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Client Portal

Custom patient portal for online client scheduling to request, cancel and reschedule appointments all of which is directly integrated into your EHR;

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Telehealth Telehealth provides convenient video sessions, progress notes using secured layers of security connection using end-to-end encryption with all the security parameters

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Wiley Practice Planner

Build effective, well documented, treatment plans, progress notes and homework assignments - all of which are seamlessly integrated into your EHR.

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Payment Processing

It is now easier than ever before to connect with your payers - from the first check of a patient's eligibility through final resolution of your reimbursement.

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Availity EDI Clearinghouse

Submitters of all sizes rely on Availity’s EDI Clearinghouse to securely transmit data between provider organizations and payers.

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Clinician Portal Clinician Portal is the professional’s entry to a reliable, customizable clerical support app.

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Why Choose for Consulting Services? offers the finest in virtual care solutions along the patient's journey with a reduction in paperwork and paper; the secure access to records and a streamlined system designed for high quality care. We power your virtual care programs, combining our focus on cutting edge technology and the patients you serve.

A Commitment to Quality

Sound virus-free workflow management services are delivered within an adaptable one-stop support solution.

Look like the Professional You are!

“Good tools make a skilled craftsman better”

With an array of themes combined with the seamless integration of every necessary support; you will not only be supported like a pro, but look like one, also. Like any professional, whenever called upon, you will present the evidence of your work with confidence and pride.

After Purchase Incentives services do not end at the point of purchase. With the purchase price which makes the best sense for you and your practice comes the guarantee of help; post-work development; and technical support.



$27.00/ Monthly

  •         Multi-Language SMS
  • One User (Practitioner or Therapist)
  • Progress Notes / Call Logs Features


$54.00/ Monthly

  •         $.09 Per Encounter
  • One User
  • All Features Excluding “TELEHEALTH”


$45.00/ Monthly

  •         $.09 Per Encounter
  • One User
  • All Features Excluding “TELEHEALTH”

Common Questions

Kindly refer to the questionnaire noted below to decide which platform you should choose.

How does work?

The system provides clerical supporting tools, such as client intake including appointment scheduling; treatment plans & progress notes; a client portal; Telehealth; billing-invoicing & reporting.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is encrypted, stored locally to your computer; and backed up to the Cloud, using the highest level of industry encryption standards.

How much are services? offers 3 different pricing packages noted above.

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