Telehealth Telehealth is an electronic tool for the practice of caring for clients remotely when providers and/or clients cannot be physically present at a treatment facility. Providers can evaluate, diagnose, and treat clients remotely using advanced telecommunications technology. Telehealth allows clinicians and clients to share information in real-time from one electronic device to another. With Telehealth software, clients can consult with their clinician from the privacy and comfort of their homes. This form of Activity Based Working (ABW) has been essential in maintaining our global economy during times of disaster and the more recent pandemic. Telehealth has been the salvation of the healthcare and mental healthcare industries around the world. It is quite simply, no better time, to integrate Telehealth as part of providers’ treatment services offering.


  • Improves client engagement through remote monitoring.
  • Expands access to care and reaches more clients.
  • Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency.
  • Reduces travel times – reducing overhead.
  • Increases practice revenue.
  • Improves healthcare quality
  • Reduces client no-shows.
  • Maintains privacy.
  • Improves client satisfaction

Common Questions

How can using Telehealth benefit my practice? Telehealth makes it easier and more convenient for clients to stay healthy and engaged in their treatment plan. Telehealth is convenient, flexible and provides clients real-time care with their providers.

How much does Telehealth cost? has a low monthly fee of $27 and includes call logs and progress notes documentation.

Is easy to use?

Yes. Telehealth does not require any downloads. Just send your client a link via email or text. It is just that simple.